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3rd Anniversary Gifts

Timeless 3rd Anniversary Gifts

From different ways to make your spouse feel extra special to timeless third anniversary gifts that can be creatively incorporated into your plans, you’re sure to create lasting memories when you put one of these romantic third anniversary ideas to work for you.

Idea #1: Take a Trip Down Memory Lane on Your Third Anniversary

One way to stir up some romance on your third anniversary is to revisit the places you took your spouse to when you first started dating. If possible, recreate your very first date, or take your husband or wife back to the time and place you got engaged.

To make your trip down memory lane all the more special, design one of your third anniversary gifts around the memories you’ve shared together.

Check out these wildly romantic ideas . .

Make a Memory Album

A romantic memory album is a wonderful way to celebrate your favorite memories with your spouse. To make your memory album even more romantic, include photos of the two of you at the places you plan on revisiting on your third anniversary.

Create a Love Book

Another wonderful choice in third anniversary gifts that plays right into this romantic idea is a Love Book.  With a Love Book, you can put your very own love story into words, complete with fun and adorable illustrations that depict you and your partner.

Custom Photo Artwork

Having a favorite photo of the two of you transformed into a unique piece of art is another romantic third anniversary gift idea. This is made possible with talented artists who sketch and paint portraits by hand of the images in your original photographs. You can also have your photos transformed into custom digital artwork.

Idea #2: Make Your Third Anniversary All About Your Spouse

Another way to make your third anniversary unforgettable is to make that day all about your spouse.  Like you, there are a lot of things about your spouse that make him or her unique, right down to their favorite color, food, and song.

To start, make a list of some of your spouse’s favorite things, such as their favorite food, music, sports, and hobbies. Once you have your list, think of ways you can work each of these things into your anniversary plans.

Dedicate a Day to Your Spouse

Next, visit the world’s only online Day Registry and check if the day of your third anniversary is available. If not, think of another date that your spouse considers important, such as your wedding day or their birthday.

Every registered day includes a customized Certificate of Ownership, which makes an excellent wrapped gift. You also get an online memory album that can be personalized with photos, videos, and even a favorite song.

IDEA #3: Celebrate Your Third Anniversary with a Weekend Getaway

Taking the time to plan a weekend trip away from your everyday life always makes for a memorable anniversary.  In addition to providing you with an opportunity to do something different together, it’s a great way for you to reconnect with your spouse.

Include a Traditional Third Anniversary Gift with a Surprise

To make things all the more fun, consider purchasing a leather travel bag to go along with your big plans. Not only is this an excellent choice in traditional third anniversary gifts, it’s the perfect way to surprise your spouse with your travel plans.

Wine and Romance

Do your travel plans include a trip to wine country? Surprise your spouse with a leather wine case. The genuine leather wine carrier featured here holds several bottles of wine and includes everything a couple in love needs for a special wine country outing.

Other Creative Third Anniversary Gifts

The following are a few more creative third anniversary gifts that will make a lasting impression on your spouse. Each can be easily worked into any of the above anniversary ideas.

Recycled Wine Bottle Gifts

These unique gifts are made from recycled wine bottles. There’s even a kit you can order that allows you to have custom products made from your very own wine bottles.

Leather—The Timeless Third Anniversary Gift Tradition

What do you get when you mix the third anniversary gift tradition of leather with the timeless tradition of journal writing? You got it—a beautiful leather journal your spouse can use to write their ideas and thoughts in. These particular leather journals come in a wide variety of styles and colors, including handmade journals with old-fashioned leather straps.

Leather iPad Case

If your spouse prefers tapping, typing, and swiping over writing things down by hand, a new genuine leather case for their iPad or tablet makes for another excellent choice in third anniversary gifts.

Modern Crystal Third Anniversary Gifts

Looking for a modern third anniversary gift? Give your spouse something made of crystal. With this Crystal Heart gift, you can have a photo from your wedding or another special event imprinted on it. A wonderful keepsake that your spouse will treasure long after your third anniversary.

Make Your Third Anniversary Memorable

Now that you have some ideas on how to celebrate your third anniversary, all you have to do is put your plan to action. No matter which idea you choose, your spouse is sure to appreciate the time and thought you put into making your third anniversary memorable.

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