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5th Anniversary Gifts

Timeless Gift Ideas to Celebrate your Fifth Anniversary in Style

The fifth anniversary signifies a significant milestone for any couple and by now they ought to have formed a strong bond. It is with this in mind that traditionally, the fifth anniversary gift ideas were made of wood. This tradition dates back to the ancient Roman times and wooden oak gifts were presented to signify strength, firmness of the marriage and its longevity. Much as these conventional gifting ideas have been replaced by modernity, the wooden gifts not necessarily from the oak tree, for the fifth anniversary still feature a lot, and its meaning remains unchanged. Below are a few gift ideas that could make your fifth anniversary outstanding:-

1. Wooden jewelry

Women love jewelry and there is something appealing and rustic about wooden jewelry. There is just no limit as to the wooden jewelry you could get her, or him for that matter. You could even have a modern twist to the conventional gifts, for instance, you could get her or him a customized wooden watch with a personalized engraved message. Not only are wooden watches available for both genders, but also look rather chic when worn right. A pair of wooden cuff-links would also be an ideal option for your husband.

2. Get a wooden photo frame with your favorite wedding photo

The wooden frame adds a creative twist to this anniversary tradition and the fact that the frames can be customized to include a message for the couple makes this another ideal gift idea. Better still, you can get a large wooden frame that will accommodate five photos from each year of the most memorable moments in your lives together.

3. Wooden jewelry box

There is something classy about an antique wooden jewelry box. This could be a great alternative in the event that you feel your partner has too much jewelry.

4. Wooden furniture

It could be that you have been meaning to replace or add to your furniture. This could be the ideal time to get some antique wooden furniture which adds a nice twist to your existing furniture.

5. Wooden sculptures

A romantic wooden sculpture will be a constant reminder of the bond the couple has developed over the five years. The sculpture will remind a couple of their strong relationship long after the anniversary is over.

6. Wooden Chess set

This would be the ideal gift to get your husband if he is a fan of chess. This will give you opportunities to spend time together and bond.

7. Wooden wine holder

While this brings about the celebratory aspect of your fifth anniversary it also doubles up as a way to preserve the tradition of giving wood. This will last long after the bottle of wine is finished and it is most probable that it will still be used for future anniversaries.

8. Plant a tree

This will be symbolic of your union’s growth and development.

These are just a few pointers to an unforgettable fifth anniversary. The list is endless and the twists to this conventional idea, limitless. Wood is durable and strong and will be the perfect representation of your solidified union. In the event that your preference is modern items, the wood can be replaced by silverware. You can get the couple new silverware as the ones they got as their wedding gifts are already getting worn. These can also be engraved with the couples name and date of the anniversary for a more personalized touch.

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