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Ideas for Fourth Anniversary Gifts

Finally! An anniversary that calls for gifts centered around flowers and appliances. That’s right. The fourth anniversary is all about flowers, fruit, and appliances. That is if you like impressing your darling spouse with traditional and modern-themed anniversary gifts.

As long as you’re thoughtful in your selection, there’s no reason your husband or wife won’t appreciate your choice in fourth anniversary gifts.

Need some help? Check out these popular fourth anniversary gift ideas . . .

Traditional Fourth Anniversary Gifts

Fruit and/or flowers are historically the traditional gifts to exchange with your spouse on a fourth anniversary. When it comes to selecting a traditional gift for your spouse, think about their personality and the various things they enjoy.

Here are a few ideas to help make your search for unique yet traditional fourth anniversary gifts quick and easy.

Fruit Gift Basket or Flower Arrangement

An edible fruit-themed gift basket is a great traditional fourth anniversary gift for spouses who like eat healthy. While some may argue that a gift basket isn’t original, ask yourself, “When’s the last time I sent my partner a gift basket full of fruit?” If the answer is NEVER, you’ve got yourself a truly unique idea.

Want to add a little more romance to the picture, toss in a bottle of wine and some chocolate-covered strawberries—it’s that simple!

Fruit-Infused Water Bottle/Pitcher

Looking for a refreshing fourth anniversary gift idea? Fruit-infused water bottles and  pitchers are all the craze right now. If you haven’t heard of these innovative products before, now’s the time to check out these popular fruity gifts.

Pie Making Kit

Apple, cherry, blueberry—if your spouse loves fruit pies, he or she is sure to enjoy this scrumptious pie making kit, complete with all the ingredients.

Floral-Printed Clothing

Could your sweetie use a new pair of pajamas? How about a Hawaiian shirt? Or a floral maxi dress? If you’re looking for a creative spin on the fourth anniversary gifts tradition, floral-printed clothing is a great way to celebrate the tradition and give your spouse something they can use.

Floral or Fruit-Scented Perfume/Cologne

Colognes and perfumes always make wonderful gifts. The wide variety of floral and fruity scents make them easy to incorporate into the traditional fourth anniversary gifts theme.

Other Creative Fourth Anniversary Gifts

Another way you can make your fourth anniversary really special is to dedicate a day to your spouse through

Haven’t heard of this online day registry yet? Well, then, you’re in for a treat.

At My Day Registry,, you can register any date by day, month, and year, and dedicate it to your spouse. What’s even cooler is that day belongs to you and/or your spouse forever and ever.

In addition to having your name and date registered in the exclusive International Date Registry, you will receive a beautiful printed owner’s certificate and an online Memory Album that you can use to preserve photos, videos, and other special memories. is the new gift rage among newlyweds and couples celebrating their anniversaries. So be sure to get over there and reserve your day—before someone else does! Click here and we’ll beam you up to their website.

Modern Fourth Anniversary Gifts

If traditional gifts aren’t your thing, or if you just want to cover all the bases, perhaps the modern fourth anniversary gifts theme of appliances will meet your needs.

Here are some modern-day gift ideas to get the hamster wheel rolling.

Smoothie Blender

Have a health-conscious partner? This blender is designed especially for making yummy fruit smoothies. If your spouse is still making theirs in a traditional blender, their sure to love one of these newer modern-day models.

Outdoor or Indoor Grill

If your spouse is the King or Queen of BBQ, perhaps a new indoor or outdoor grill is in order. Toss in a gift basket full of BBQ grilling goodies, and you’ve got yourself one impressive fourth anniversary gift. Don’t forget the steaks!

Beer Keg Refrigerator

If your man loves beer, he’s sure to love YOU when you give him one of these cool beer keg refrigerator. (Just don’t be surprised if he cries when you give it to him.)

Cupcake/Cake Pop Maker

Cupcakes are all the craze, and so are all the mini cupcake and cake pop makers. A must-have for any spouse who loves to bake sweet treats.

Premium Coffee Maker

Has your spouse been eyeing that new Keurig or some other premium coffee maker? If so, your fourth anniversary is the perfect time to give them a cool coffee appliance.

Thoughtful Fourth Anniversary Gifts Are Always Appreciated

When it comes to fourth anniversary gifts, as long as your thoughtful in your choices, you can rest assured your partner will appreciate your selection. And don’t forget. You took the time to look into the traditions surrounding the fourth wedding anniversary. That in itself is a sign of true love and admiration.

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