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There is nothing quite as romantic as these unique 5th year anniversary gifts.
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Second Anniversary Gifts for Her

Not everyone makes a big fuss over their second anniversary. But every smart husband knows that EVERY anniversary is important to his wife.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to do or what to buy your lady, take a browse at the ideas below. Choosing one of these second anniversary gifts for her is sure to earn you some major brownie points!

Step 1: Do something unexpected for her.

If you want to impress your wife on your second anniversary, do something she’d never expect from you. For example . . .

  • Take her to a couples cooking class
  • Make a music CD with romantic love songs
  • Surprise her with a picnic in a romantic setting
  • Book a room in a fancy hotel for the night
  • Pick her up from work in a limousine

The same is true of the gifts you buy for her. The more unique the gift, the more important she’ll feel to you. Here are a few original second anniversary gifts for her that are worth looking into. . .

Dedicate a Day to Her at MyDayRegistry

At, you can dedicate any day in the past, present, or future in your wife’s honor. Whether you choose to dedicate the day of your wedding or your second anniversary, this is one gift she’ll always remember. In addition to a beautiful owner’s certificate, your wife will also receive an online memory album where she can preserve favorite photos, videos, and more. Check if your date is available today!


Is there a certain photo of the two of you, your child(ren), or someone else that your wife treasures? Turn it into a work of art by having it sketched or painted by a talented artist. With MyDavinci, you can do just that.

Personalized Memory Album

A memory album customized with photos of you and your wife makes a very special second anniversary gift for her. In addition to choosing your own pictures, there are a variety of layouts, themes, and covers to select from to make your gift even more personal.

Step 2: Work in some second anniversary tradition for her.

Taking the time to find a gift or two that honors the second anniversary tradition is another surefire way to impress your wife. (Just don’t tell her how easy we made it for you!) Here’s what’s important to know . . .

  • Traditional Gift: Cotton
  • Modern Gift: China
  • Gemstone: Garnet
  • Color Theme: Red

Cotton Anniversary Gifts for Her

Cotton Roses

Made from 100% cotton, these unique roses make fun second anniversary gifts for her. With red being the traditional second anniversary color theme, include a red vase with your gift or enclose them in a red gift box.

Personalized Undies

If you want to take your second anniversary gifts for her to a more personal level, order her a pair of sexy undies personalized with a phrase of your choice. To add to the fun, get yourself a pair and show them off on the night of your anniversary.

A Cozy Cotton Bathrobe

A cotton bathrobe in your wife’s favorite color or a romantic print is another excellent choice in traditional second anniversary gifts for her. You can also order a matching robe for yourself and have both robes embroidered with your names or your initials.

Personalized Blanket

If your wife enjoys cuddling on the couch, she’ll appreciate having a custom-made blanket with photos of her loved ones. If your job requires you to travel, a blanket like this will help keep you close.

Modern Second Anniversary Gifts for Her

China Dinnerware

Your second anniversary is the perfect time to purchase a formal china dish set. Recognized as the modern gift to give on a second anniversary, china dishes come in a variety of patterns and styles. If you really want to impress your spouse, prepare a romantic dinner and set the table with your new china dishes.

Garnet Jewelry

Does your wife love jewelry? A piece of jewelry with a garnet gem will make an impressive traditional second anniversary gift for her.  From unique knot rings to romantic heart necklaces, the there’s a wide variety of garnet jewelry to select from.

 Step 3: Romance her!

If there’s one thing women love, it’s romance! For husbands, that means getting in touch with your touchy-feely side and expressing your love and appreciation for your wife. Here are a few ideas on how to do just that on your second anniversary:

  • Write a mushy love letter to your wife
  • Serve your wife breakfast in bed
  • Watch your wedding video together and recite your vows to her
  • Take the day off work and spend it with your partner

Another way to express what you feel in your heart for your wife is through your second anniversary gifts for her. Here are a few gifts that earn huge points in the romance department . . .

Loving Body Pillowcases

These adorable body pillowcases come imprinted with unique love messages. Just browse the collection and choose which of the messages communicates how you feel about your wife. The pillowcases are made from a cotton/polyester blend, making them all the more perfect for a second anniversary gift for her.

A Customized Love Book

Imagine the look on your wife’s face when you give her a book with your very own love story. These unique love books feature adorable cartoon characters. You can write your own story or choose the ready-made theme that best suits your occasion.

Customized T-Shirt

A customized t-shirt that says “My Wife is AWESOME!” or “Two Years Ago I Married My Wife…And I Love Her Even More Today” is a wonderful way to let everyone know just how much you adore your spouse. It makes a wonderfully romantic second anniversary gift for her. And your wife will LOVE it!

Celebrate Your Second Anniversary Like It’s Your First

A second anniversary only comes around once in your life, so celebrate it like it’s the most important day of your life. Do something different for your wife, and find one or more original second anniversary gifts for her. In doing so, you’ll make your wife feel really loved.


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