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Thoughtful Fourth Anniversary Gifts for Her

Scratching your head, wondering what in the world to get your wife for your fourth anniversary? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. And some GREAT news, to boot.

Get this…the fourth anniversary gifts tradition is flowers or fruit. Can you believe it? But wait, there’s more! The modern gift for a fourth anniversary is (wait for it) . . . appliances. (Fist bump!)

Okay, okay. Let’s pull ourselves together. As easy as these fourth anniversary gifts for her sound, you still need to find something that’s both thoughtful and unique for your wife.

Here are a few options to get you rolling down the right track.

Traditional Fourth Anniversary Gifts for Her

As mentioned above, flowers and/or fruit are the traditional gifts to give your wife after four years of marriage. When it comes to choosing your fourth anniversary gifts for her, keep your wife’s personality, likes and dislikes in mind.

Here are a few fourth anniversary gifts for her that fit nicely with the traditional flower and fruit theme.

Fruit Gift Basket or Flower Arrangement

If your wife works outside the home, have a gift basket full of her favorite fruits or an arrangement of her favorite flowers delivered to her office. To add some romance to the mix, include a flirty note that hints to other surprises you have planned for her. (We’ll leave it to you to decide what that is.)

Fruit Infusions Water Bottle or Pitcher

Is your wife into exercising and healthy eating? (Score!) These fruit infusion water bottles and pitchers are all the craze among the ladies. If you haven’t seen these yet, your fourth anniversary is the perfect time to order one for her.

Floral Pajamas or Kimono Robe

Does your wife like pretty things? The Olive & Cocoa company carries a variety of floral pajamas, kimono robes, and other flower-themed gifts. Their packaging alone will make your wife feel like a queen, as all of their gifts come shipped in wooden boxes. They also offer free shipping on select items.

Perfumes and Lotions

If your wife loves perfumes and lotions, this awesome company carries a variety of flowery and fruity scents. There’s even a selection of gift baskets for her.

MyDayRegistry—Another Unique Choice in Fourth Anniversary Gifts

Before we move onto our suggestions for modern fourth anniversary gifts for her, there’s one gift that every husband should consider giving his wife during their marriage—a DAY she can call her own.

No, seriously, dude. You can give your wife her very own DAY! Check it out . . .

At My Day Registry, you can register any date (past, present, or future) and dedicate it to your wife as a gift. What’s truly cool about this online registry is that after you register  your date, that day belongs to your wife FOREVER.  (It’s kind of like declaring her own personal holiday.)

In addition to having her name recorded in the exclusive International Date Registry, your wife will receive a beautiful printed owner’s certificate (makes a great wrapped gift), and an online Memory Album that she can use to preserve photos, videos, and other special memories about her special day.

Lots of guys dedicate the day of their wedding or their anniversary to their wives, but if there’s another day you think your wife would like better, go for it. Just don’t wait too long, because My Day Registry only allows one owner per day for each of their exclusive registries. Want to see if the date you have in mind is available? Click here.

Okay, now on with our modern fourth anniversary gifts for her suggestions.

Modern Fourth Anniversary Gifts for Her

We’ve all heard the warning: “Don’t give your wife an appliance as a gift for your anniversary!” Well, this is the one year you can thumb your nose at that advice. Because the modern gift to give after four years of marriage is an appliance. (Happy dance!)

Now, before you go shopping for a vacuum cleaner, let us pass along a little advice: Be thoughtful in your gift choice!

If the traditional gift isn’t your thing, or you just want to cover your ass (just in case), here are some modern fourth anniversary gifts that your wife might actually enjoy.

Smoothie Blender

Is your wife all about juicing and eating healthy? These colorful smoothie blenders are all the craze among the ladies. Toss in a gift basket full of fresh or frozen fruits, and you’ve got yourself a modern fourth anniversary gift with a spritz of tradition.  (Sorry, smoothie lingo.)

Cupcake/Cake Pop Maker

If your wife loves to bake and you like eating her baked goods, these cupcake and cake pop makers make baking these sweet treats really easy. Just think of all the yummy treats you’ll get out of it! (Wait a minute, this is a gift for her, right?)

Something from Home Depot

Home Depot’s free “ship to store or home” feature makes shopping online for an appliance for your wife super simple. As does their price filtering option. Is there an appliance your wife has been nagging you about? Maybe a new dishwasher? Stove? Energy-efficient washer or dryer? Click here to visit their online store (Beam him up, Scotty!)

Premium Coffee or Latte Maker

Has your wife being eyeing that new Keurig or one of those fancy-shmancy latte makers? If so, your fourth anniversary is the perfect time to give her one of these hot appliances. Include a basket full of coffee/latte ingredients and a new coffee/latte cup and you’ll earn extra points!

Thoughtful Fourth Anniversary Gifts Make Memorable Gifts

If there’s one thing you don’t want to be remembered for, it’s giving your wife a poor choice in fourth anniversary gifts. So put in the time to find a gift that you know your wife will love. If it turns out your wife is the kind of gal who’d appreciate a 15-AMP table saw, well then, I guess you’ll both have a happy fourth anniversary. (Lucky!)

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