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Thoughtful Third Anniversary Gifts for Him

Having trouble finding the right gift for your husband for your third anniversary? To make your hunt for third anniversary gifts for him easier, shift your approach from what you think he’d like, to what you can do for him to make your third anniversary special. As soon as you get that figured out, you’ll open the door to a number of other possibilities that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought about.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started . . .

Idea #1: Take a Trip With Your Husband

Many wives are surprised to find out that husbands also have their secret wishes when it comes to special occasions. One of those wishes is to be surprised with a weekend getaway, where the two of you can reconnect and have some fun together.

With a little planning ahead, you can make that wish come true for your husband, and create a truly wonderful third anniversary memory while you’re at it. Here are some third anniversary gifts for him that go perfect with this travel theme . . .

Leather Third Anniversary Gifts for Him

Leather Travel Bag for Him

A new leather suitcase or travel bag fits perfectly with a surprise weekend trip. Whether your husband is the rugged outdoors type or all about business suits, he’s sure to love these genuine leather Saddleback bags. In addition to their rich colors and handsome designs, they offer excellent quality, just like your husband.

Leather Toiletry Kit

A leather toiletry kit is another fine selection in third anniversary gifts for him. In addition to meeting the third anniversary gift tradition of leather, a travel toiletry kit is a purposeful gift that he can use for many years to come.

Leather Tie Case

If your travel plans involve a nice restaurant that requires your husband to wear a tie, this handsome leather tie case is a great way to reveal your anniversary plans for him. Simply enclose a new tie in it or a note that reveals your big plans.

Leather iPad Case

If your husband never leaves home without his iPad or tablet, a new leather case can be a creative choice in traditional third anniversary gifts for him. Not only is it useful, you can easily work it into your surprise travel plans.

Leather Writing Journal

If your husband is someone who writes everything down on paper, a leather journal is a nice choice in gifts for him. These genuine leather journals offer excellent quality and come in a number of styles and colors. To make your gift all the more special, write him a heartfelt letter on the first few pages before you give it to him.

Idea #2: Travel Back in Time With Your Husband

Some of a couples’ fondest memories are those from their early days of dating. To relive some of those special moments, take your husband on a date to one of the places from your past.

If you met at a bar, send him a text message to let him know that a beautiful woman is going to be waiting for him there later that evening, then meet up with him there with his favorite drink already in hand. If you were big moviegoers in your early days, go on a movie marathon with him at your favorite theatre.

To make your trip back in time with your husband all the more fun, consider one of these third anniversary gifts for him . . .

Memorable Third Anniversary Gifts for Him

Make Your Husband a Memory Album

Like a yearbook, these memory albums are a great way to showcase your fondest memories with your husband. Simply upload your favorite photos to the website, then customize your memory album using the various pre-designed themes, formats, colors, sizes, and album covers. For a more traditional third anniversary gift, choose a leather cover.

Write Him a Love Story

If your husband likes to read, then this personalized storybook is an excellent choice in third anniversary gifts for him. There are thousands of fun themes, illustrations, and covers to choose from. You also have the option to personalize your story using your own words or pre-written stories. When all is said and done, you’ll have a professionally printed book that features your very own love story.

Create a Work of Art from a Treasured Photo

From the day you met to the day you said “I do,” each photo you took along the way is a treasured memory that can be transformed into a work of art. Just upload one of your husband’s favorite photos to the website, and a talented artist will turn it into a piece of artwork.

Idea #3: Make Your Third Anniversary All About Him

What husband doesn’t like to be the center of his wife’s attention? To make your husband feel truly special on your third anniversary, make the day all about him. To do that, tailor your anniversary and all of your third anniversary gifts for him around the things he enjoys most.

For example, if your husband loves pancakes, get up early and make him pancakes for breakfast. If his favorite pastime is watching football or another sport, design one or more of your third anniversary gifts for him around this activity. The following a couple of gift suggestions that go perfect with this fun third anniversary idea . . .

Turn His Love for Beer into a Third Anniversary Gift for Him

These unique beer dispensers hold 100-plus ounces of beer and are great for enjoying a few brews with friends and family during the big games. They can be personalized to your husband’s favorite sport or sports team. You can even have your husband’s name imprinted on your gift.

Make Your Husband’s Honorary Day Official

With this cool online day registry, you can dedicate a day to your husband and make his honorary day official. Each registered day includes a printed certificate, which comes personalized with the owner’s name and occasion. You’ll also receive a cool online profile that can be customized with pictures of you and your husband, videos, a favorite song, and personal notes.

Your Thoughtfulness Makes the Best Third Anniversary Gifts for Him

Finding the perfect gift for your husband for your third anniversary doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little thoughtfulness, your third anniversary gifts for him will fall right into place.

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