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Timeless Third Anniversary Gifts for Her

“It’s JUST our third anniversary. What’s the big deal?” That thought crosses the minds of so many husbands, but they don’t dare say it out loud to their wives (at least the smart ones don’t). Nonetheless, you know your wife is expecting something from you. But what?

Even if you (or your wife) think you’re romantically bankrupt, you’re sure to earn some major dividends in your love bank when you put one of these creative ideas and third anniversary gifts for her to work for you.

Anniversary Idea #1: Dedicate Your Third Anniversary (and Your Attention) to Your Wife

There is nothing a woman loves more than when her husband showers her with attention. So just think how much your wife is going to love you when you make your third anniversary all about her.

To start, think about all the things your wife likes, such as her favorite food or restaurant, music, color, and so on, then plan the entire day and all of your third anniversary gifts for her around those things.

Take it One Step Further with the Online Day Registry

There are a number of third anniversary gifts for her that work nicely with this theme. However, there is one gift in particular that goes PERFECTLY, and that’s My Day Registry.

MyDayRegistry is the only place around that allows you to register and dedicate a specific date or occasion by month, day and year, and give it to someone as a gift. After registering your selected date, you’ll receive a beautifully framed certificate that is customized to your occasion. You’ll also receive access to a personal online memory album that you or your wife can customize with photos, videos, music, and a few personal memoires.

Anniversary Idea #2: Take Your Wife on a Trip Down Memory Lane

Another way you can impress your wife on your third anniversary is to take her on a trip down memory lane. By that we mean take her back to a place you went to during your early days of dating, such as the restaurant you took her to on your first date.

If possible, take her back to where you asked her to marry you or where the two of you said, “I do.” If it was a park or beach, set up a surprise picnic or a catered dinner, complete with a romantic table setting for two.

There are a number of third anniversary gifts for her that go great with this romantic anniversary idea. Here are a few suggestions that are sure to impress your wife . . .

Make Your Wife a Memory Album

A memory album is a lot like a yearbook that can be customized with photos from your own personal collection. You can also select from a number of designs, covers, and sizes to further customize your album. Leather is the traditional gift to give on a third anniversary, so keep that in mind when choosing your album cover.

Tell Her Your Version of the Story

Complete with professionally printed words, illustrations, and covers, these creative storybooks make excellent third anniversary gifts for her. They are a great way to recount some of your fondest memories and tell your wife all the reasons you fell in love with her.

Transform a Treasured Memory into a Work of Art

Do you or your wife have a favorite photo from your earlier days? If so, have it transformed into a beautiful work of art by a DaVinci artist. Simply upload your photo to their website and choose between a hand-drawn sketch, oil painting, or any other of their interesting forms of artwork.

IDEA #3: Surprise Her with a Romantic Weekend Trip

If you’ve never surprised your wife with a weekend trip, complete with hotel and dinner reservations, your third anniversary is the perfect opportunity. Whether you take her to a city an hour’s drive away, or hop on a plane to the Bahamas doesn’t matter. It’s the time, thought and effort you put into planning something special for your wife that’s going to impress her the most.

When it comes to revealing your big surprise to your wife, don’t pass up the chance to work in one or two strategic third anniversary gifts for her. Here are a few ideas . . .

Surprise Her with a Leather Travel Bag

Giving your wife a new leather suitcase or travel bag on your anniversary does two things for you—it keeps with the third anniversary gifts tradition, and it provides your wife with something useful she can use during your romantic weekend away. This particular line of travel bags offers excellent quality and a unique selection you won’t find anywhere else.

For the Wine Lover’s Weekend

If you and your wife are wine enthusiasts, add a leather wine carrier as one of your third anniversary gifts for her. To make your anniversary all the more perfect, be sure to add her favorite bottle of wine as part of your gift, along with a note that reveals your travel plans.

Recycled Wine Bottle Gifts

These creative wine bottle products make are another terrific choice in third anniversary gifts for her. The company that makes these also offers a unique kit that gives you a way to turn your empty wine bottles into drinking glasses and other unique items.

More Tips on Selecting Third Anniversary Gifts for Her

While flowers, lotions, soaps and perfumes all make nice gifts, once they get used up, they’re forgotten—right along with the thought and effort you put into picking them out for your wife. So when it comes to selecting third anniversary gifts for her, be sure to find something else that will stand the test of time. In other words, give your wife a gift that will last for years, not days, weeks, or months.

Here are a few more gift suggestions that will serve as loving reminders well after your anniversary . . .

More Traditional Third Anniversary Gifts for Her

Leather iPad Cover

If your wife’s second love is her iPad or tablet, a leather case in your wife’s favorite color will make a wonderful gift for her. In addition to being useful, you can easily work this case into one of the above anniversary ideas.

Leather Journal

Many women enjoy writing down their thoughts and feelings in a journal. They also tend to save their journals for many years so that they can look back on their writings later in life. These elegant journals are crafted from genuine leather and are available in a number of styles and colors. To make your gift more romantic, write her a love note on one of the pages inside.

Crystal Third Anniversary Gifts for Her

Giving your wife gifts made from crystal is the modern version of the third anniversary gifts tradition. These beautiful crystal photo keepsakes can be easily imprinted with a favorite photo of you and your wife. Simply upload the photo to the website and you’ve got yourself a timeless keepsake!

Make Your Third Anniversary Gifts for Her Timeless

Remember. . . this isn’t JUST your third anniversary, it’s your ONLY third anniversary. So go all out to make it memorable for both you and your wife. No matter which of the above ideas or third anniversary gifts for her you choose, you can be sure you’ll create a timeless memory that your wife will treasure for years to come.


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